My lack of work

February 21, 2008 @ 11:34


I have done absolutely nothing on this site for a while. I have been busy, mainly with the PS2 project I mentioned before

Currently I have a pseudo 3D space and a sprite walking around it. This is great, but I’ve realised I can’t actually make a game in time for the coursework deadline AND pass all my other coursework. This causes a problem as I’ve been told I can’t submit a tech demo. I’m going to have to think of something quick. Probably a kinda simplistic Streets of Rage clone for now and to rip that bit out and continue making my RPG when I get time.
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PS2 Project

February 01, 2008 @ 00:00


We have been given our coursework. We were told about it a few weeks ago and I could already be working on it. Truth is, I’m being lazy again

I thought I’d finally write down some ideas somewhere so I can see how things progress from my initial ideas, if they ever do. I might end up making a Space Harrier clone like we’ve been told. We shall see.
My idea is not really just my coursework, although I’m planning to use some of it so I can justify spending time coding it. I like RPGs, always have, probably always will. I’ll even admit to liking DnD, although I don’t play at the moment. I want to make an open scriptable RPG engine. I realise this is far beyond what my coursework specification is but I am hoping to get a good deal done and then GPL the thing (as I don’t think anything exists yet) and hope someone else likes the idea enough to join in.
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