2D barcodes

December 12, 2008 @ 17:55

Ok, ok.
The reason behind this is I just got a new toy. I got the T-Mobile G1 with all the fancy Google Android apps. It’s fun and I’ve gone through installing random things. One thing that caught my eye was the barcode reader.

I know quite a few phones with cameras have similar things and I know that other people have done the same as I’m about to suggest (just by searching for 2D barcode on google images brings up loads of contact cards) But I think it’s great. If I find someone I want to contact online, I just have to scan in a little image and my phone translates it. To be fair, I will mainly be using the barcode reader for the “Barcode Beasties” game… but that’s not the point

You can compress any data you want into a tiny little image, URLs, contact cards, anything. I can think of thousands of practical uses of such an easily transferable medium for data. Digital imaging really is coming on quite a bit.

Anyway, I know very little about how the actual barcodes are formed (what each bit means) but I’m planning on reading up on it when I have time. I just thought it would be worthwhile putting up my contact details here incase anyone has a simliar phone and would ever need to contact me or anything :P

Edit: I’ve researched a little bit and it would appear that what I have is a QRCode barcode there… something developed in Japan for quick reading. It’s also still readable when up to 30% of it’s damaged or destroyed… now that’s damned cool. I’ve also tried reading instructions on how to make them, the algorithm is long winded and complicated… but it looks cool… I really wish I understood it enough to code a generator myself… something to look into over christmas maybe.

Does anyone have any recommended reading with regards to 2D barcodes? Any interesting uses anyone can think of?