Software Freedom Day

September 12, 2008 @ 10:23

Hazel and I will be speaking on Free and Open Source gaming during this year’s Software Freedom Day. So far the bulk of our talk isn’t written but I guarantee it will be interesting if anyone is into either just gaming (we will be covering games under as many platforms as we can, including Windows) or is an Open Source enthusiast who wants to waste a bit of time in an entertaining way.

Our university Linux Society and local TayLUG will be hosting the talks at the Hannah Maclure Center and anyone who happens to be in and around Dundee on the 20th September is free to pop in at any time. There will be a lot more talks on a huge variety of Open Source products and how you could use them. There is a full list of the themes on the Abertay Linux Society website

If anyone is interested in the talks but is unable to make it to the day, they will be recorded and hosted, both at The Linux Society and at Hacker Public Radio that the society president (Finux) contributes to.

As well as talks there will also be computers providing demonstrations of all of the software as well as most of it available free to take home on CD.

What do you think? Is there anything you would suggest needs covering that maybe isn’t on the theme description? Would you like to contribute yourself?